RM 8.1 Searching Record Ranges

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I have a user that is trying to search for a range of records, for example 400/15 - 500/15. However when the results are returned. It should anything beginning with a 4, like for 4, 40, 4000.  I used the range search for Record numbers. IS this not the correct way to conduct this type of range of records. The first attachment is the example of the results.  I have attached a couple of screens. Thanks.










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  • Greg,


    Yes, there are records in that range, only its pulling single digits, double digits etc, 4, 40, 400, 500 Any number in those ranges. Then the second number after the slash is crazy too. Its almost like its saying I will look for 4 in any format, I can find. We recently upgraded to RM 8.1, do you think indexing would help? Just trying to think of something. Thanks.