.NET SDK - Record.SetAutoCheckin problem


Does anybody know how to use .NET SDK - Record.SetAutoCheckin properly? I have been having a problem to use SetAutoCheckin in a reliable way.

I have written a C# windows console application which will checkout a MSWord document, and ask HP RM to automatically check in the word document after the user has finished editing the document. The following is the code I use to do checkout:


Database hprmDatabase = null;

OfflineRecord offlineRecord = null;

Record record = null;
hprmDatabase = new Database();
TrimURI trimURI = new TrimURI(long.Parse(uri));
if (trimURI != null){
record = new Record(database, trimURI);

if (record != null){
offlineRecord = new OfflineRecord(record, true);


At code work well when I have HP Records Manager application is running on my machine.

If I don't have HP Records Manager running, then run my console application to check out a word document, when the user close the document, it will not automatiically checkin the document.

Is this a bug in SetAutoCheckin? or SetAutoCheckin requires the user has the HP Records Manager is running on my machine?

I am currently using testing both Windows 7 x64bits  and 7x32bits with

HP RPM client - 8.1.0 and 8.1.1.

Any comments will be appreciated . Thanks