HPRM 8.3 Web Client unable to establish a connection to the Web Service

We are using HPRM8.3 Web Client and getting "HP Records Manager web client is unable to establish a connection to the Web Service.".

Could you please help? Thanks.


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  • Hi There,

    I think our Web client service is working because we have one user can login with web client successfully.

    However, all other users are getting the catptioned error.

    Here is the event log.


    Event code: 3001
    Event message: The request has been aborted.
    Event time: 4/05/2016 11:09:13 AM
    Event time (UTC): 4/05/2016 1:09:13 AM
    Event ID: 42e14e5c2a1d4576a9491cf0b236d500
    Event sequence: 54
    Event occurrence: 5
    Event detail code: 0

    Application information:
    Application domain: /LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/HPRMWebClient-1-131067972431130332
    Trust level: Full
    Application Virtual Path: /HPRMWebClient
    Application Path: D:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Records Manager\Web Client\
    Machine name: AUXXX

    Process information:
    Process ID: 1580
    Process name: w3wp.exe
    Account name: AU\rm8_trn

    Exception information:
    Exception type: HttpException
    Exception message: Request timed out.

    Request information:
    Request URL: auXXX/.../Localisation
    Request path: /HPRMWebClient/HPRMServiceAPI/Localisation
    User host address:
    User: AU\shirleyliu
    Is authenticated: True
    Authentication Type: Negotiate
    Thread account name: AU\rm8_trn

    Thread information:
    Thread ID: 16
    Thread account name: AU\rm8_trn
    Is impersonating: False
    Stack trace:

    Custom event details:

No Data