<(RM) Support tip> Receive Cannot Read File error when View document in HPE TRIM or HPE RM

Incident description :  

User receives the error below when trying to view a document in HPE TRIM or HPE RM :

Error: Function request (Extract Document) for HPE TRIM/HPE RM Workgroup Server 'Workgroup Server Name' failed. Workgroup Error. Cannot read the file '\\DocStoreServer\DBID\XXX\XXX\XXX\XXXXXXX.MSG'. The system cannot find the file specified. (0x00000002).

1) Check in Document.
2) Attempt to view Document.

The issue occurs randomly.


The Root cause to the issue is can be various (the reason why the document is not transferred to the document store ),  and could be different from site to site.

The main suspicious factor is network issue. Transferring data over network that is not stable or the traffic is extremely busy could potentially result in the loss of the data. In our daily work, we experience document transferring over network using Windows copy and paste function failed due to  network connection shut down which indicates network slowness, and the portion of data already at the destination location will be erased. Another thought could be Anti Virus Application running on the origin or destination machine.

From HPE RM or HPE TRIM’s perspective, the Document transfer workflow at Workgroup server’s end should be improved.


Resolution                :

In HPE TRIM 7 or earlier version of HPE RM 8 , Workgroup server update the database to reflect the document is already attached before transferring the document from Workgroup server to Document Store. So if anything fails at the Document Transferring stage,  user wouldn’t notice that and from HPE TRIM Client’s perspective, user will see the document is attached and won’t notice the error when user would like to retrieve the document.

This document transfer workflow is improved in HPE RM 8.3.0.