cannot see "updated by" in Active Audit Events for RM user role

running CM 94.345 hotfix 2 -- users with RM role could not access Active Audit Events.  Updated rights under Records Manager privileges to include "Can view active audit events" and users could now see events, but the "Updated By" value shows "*******".  The correct location can be seen when accessing with Admin user role.

Is this new for 9.4?  We never encountered in 8.3  Is there a way to permit RM role users to see who made records changes, in addition to seeing the changes made?

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    The Event Details information of an Active Audit Event normally includes the Event Type, Date and the user who performed the change displayed as the user's network login.

    Because of this, only users with "View user profile details" permission can see the user details from the Event Details. However, the "Updated By" information should display the user details in Name format.

    I'm not sure when that was introduced but the same behaviour can be seen in 9.3

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    Thanks for the reply Shiela.  Thought I had tested that but the role must not have been properly set.  I just confirmed that it's selected and the user details and it now shows user detail