Content Manager 10.1 and Apostrophe

Hi All,

Users recently encountered an issue with apostrophes (') in the record title in CM 10 (CM

Did anyone know if it is a known issue?

I have tested in DEMODB and I notice:

1. If the record is using a free text title, it seems to work properly.

2. However, if it is a folder using "Classification Title", the free text part of the record would not accept apostrophes. When I try to save the record, it will throw an error "Content Manager Workgrou p Server on 'xxxxxx' report an error. The SQL text search condition contained noise word(s).

I investigate along the line of SQL Text indexing and I could see a lot of articles talks about apostrophe need to be escaped for SQL (e.g. using double apostrophe '') but it CM does not like it.

Any help regarding how to get around the problem would be highly apreciated.

Cheers, Vincent.