Macro enabled excel checkin as prompt before save


Macro enabled excel document when Edit from CM 10.1 (Build 449) and before save ( Checkin on close ) getting this error. If click "No", it saves as new revision.

I tried to setup trusted location and did not help either. Any suggestion and solution for this?

  • Hi  ,

    There is no solution. That dialog was introduced as part of the Change Request below so that users can make the appropriate selection. 

    There was an issue with documents automatically checking in when users select the 'Enable Content' button from the Office ribbon. 

    OCTCR52O502433 Document Auto Check-In when editing macro enabled word document


  • Thanks Shiela. Can you please provide more details about "OCTCR52O502433" ( issue reason, description and solution ), I cant search this request.

  • Verified Answer

    Hi  ,

    When editing a macro-enabled document that has been checked in to Content Manager, if a user then selects "Enable Content" from the Office ribbon, the document automatically checks in and unable to edit the document.

    With the change, the dialog allows editing of macro-enabled documents.

    1. If the user clicks on YES, the document will be in checked out state and the user can continue editing. 
    2. Save and Close. The same message will be displayed again (at this point the add-in doesn't know whether the user has actually closed the document or clicked on "Enable Content", which also triggers close event).
    3. If the user clicks on NO, the document will be checked-in to Content Manager