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HP Content Manager 9.20.9437

HP Content Manager 9.20.9437 integration/addins with Office 365 any documentation or recommended forward path?

  • Hi Earle,

    The CM9.2_Spec.pdf does list Office 365 as a supported application, however, it is for the installed desktop version.

    As Office 365 can refer to quite a few components, what aspects, integrations/add-ins where you enquiring about?


  • Thanks Scotty,

    Current State - Customer is currently using Office 2016 with Trim integration

    Future State

    0365 Local instance/Trim Addins





    Any documentation Client on the installation routines

    Server backend changes to accommodate future state

  • I heard today that this CM version is no longer supported. Sorry that it took so long to get an answer!

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