Can HPRM web client on iPad/Iphone register a document?

Was wondering if anyone is using 8.3 Web CLient and onwards (9.1,9.2,9.3)  and on an Ipad/iPhone and able to register and edit documents ? in 8.3 on the web client limitations it looks like this isnt possible (see attached extract from 8.3 limitations documentation)

  • You can create new records in CM 9.3 Web Client but you cannot check-out and check-in documents


    From the web client mobile documentation

    "The Content Manager Web Client support on the mobile devices is primarily focused towards data

    consumption as opposed to creating or modifying existing content which is available on desktop

    environments. Moreover, the Content Manager Web Client running on iPad will allow users to perform

    similar functionality to that of the Content Manager Web Client running on desktop environments, such

    as, create new Records, modify/view existing Record metadata, add requests, and view electronic