CM 9.4 - Access control Settings clear when selecting 'Add Locations' to current controls <URGENT>

<URGENT> Hi all - has anyone come across the following issue with tweaking security on records ? - I am able, in HPRM 8.3, to go into  mass or individual records & change the Access Controls to ADD another location to the settings. In  CM 9.4 however, when I do the "ADD" to open Access Control to another location(s) - all PREVIOUS Access control Settings locations  are cleared,  & only the location I just selected is shown in the completed settings - this is major for us. 

Is this a bug?

Is this going to be fixed in the next patch? Do I need to raise a ticket?

Is there a simple step I'm missing which 9.4 added in with the transition from 8 to 9, without telling us?


  • Hi
    You do not mention whether this relates to base CM 94 or a patch/hotfix version. 

    If moving from a pre 9.1 version, the following is documented in the Upgrade Process

    NOTE: If you’re upgrading from a version that pre-dates 9.1, you’ll have to run the access
    control security filter conversion tool. You should run the conversion after upgrading the
    Schema. This step is mandatory in order to successfully upgrade and should be run after
    upgrading your Schema. To run this tool, from the Content Manager Client, on the
    Administration tab, in the Conversions group, click Security Filter Converter. This tool is
    designed to run while your system is “live.

    In case this does not resolve the issue, then I would recommend you raise a ticket with MF Support identifying the patch/hotfix level of your system.

  • Thanks for adding this.  Its been on my long list of things to follow up.  Can see there is now a response, so will try this fix.


  • Thanks Martin   are upgrading from 8.3 in prod so this definitely applies to us - but the 9.4 version we are testing, which gave us this problem,  is: 9.4. build 602 Patch 2.

    btw   Is the access control security filter conversion tool available anywhere to download? / or did it come with the packaging in 9.1?



  • - I was able to add an existing location to the access controls which already has a location specified. This is in 9.4 (albeit not patch 2)

    The access controls were set appropriately so hopefully that's good news and means there isn't a bug. It says People in (Original Location Added Location) - See attached

    The Security Filter Converter is located under the ADMINISTRATION Tab under the Conversions Group