RM 8.1 Web Client users – Contributors vs Knowledge Workers?

We in are currently on HP TRIM 7.3 and are in the planning stages of an upgrade to RM8.1 - one of the consequences being that I’m trying to map out and consolidate our existing user categories and who is going to migrate over to which category in RM8.


User permissions restrict the user’s access to functionality, but so does the Web Client (and to a smaller degree the device being used?), what I’d really like to do is simplify it all and just allocate all Web Client users to the same User Permission category.


So, all things being equal, what is the difference between a Contributor using the Web Client versus a Knowledge Worker using the Web Client?


Correct me if I’ve misunderstood the release notes, but users with the Web Client can search/view/create records and edit metadata, and with 8.1 they can now use workflow – but in terms of revisions and editing documents things seem to get a little complicated/restricted?


E.g. If you want to edit documents, use Check-in/Check-out, and access revisions you need Web Client Classic mode, but this is not supported for iPhones or iPads…? Does this apply to all Mac devices (like iMacs) as well or is it just mobile devices?


I'm really just trying to work out what "kind" of user I can migrate over to the RM8 Web Client - e.g. if I have users who largely just use their current TRIM to search for existing records and view documents, then even if they have a PC on the network I can still just migrate them to the Web Client since they aren't going to use many of the features of the Desktop Client anyway. If they are the kind of user however that needs to create containers, change security, play around with revisions, then if they can't do that in the Web Client then I'll need to make them a Desktop Client user.

  • The user permissions are the same between the full client and the webclient. So if a user is  a knowledge worker, that will carry over to the webclient.


    So it makes sense to set the user permission to the level that you would want them to have in the full client and then that will be reflected in the Webclient.


    in terms of what can and can't be done in the Webclient over the full client, the major differences lie in the admin features. So if you are talking about more contributors then it shouldn't make a whole lot of difference.

  • True - or at least, that's the way we currently do it in TRIM7: a user is given the permission of Information Worker (K Worker) and the assumption is that they will use the Desktop client with thee Web Client is seen as an addon that they use if needed since the permissions replicate across.


    At the moment though, this is a bit of a pain. From a user perception point of view, high end users don’t use the Web Client and see it as kinda pointless since it doesn’t allow them to do what they want, whereas light users find the Desktop environment too complicated for them since it has a lot of features they never use.

    As an Administrator, we tend to focus on training for the Desktop since it means we can provide it to our high end users, so the Web Client tends to get neglected.


    What I would like to do is park entire user permission types into either the Web Client or the Desktop client – all light users (search only or search and document deposit only) are parked in the Web Client, but power users or heavy users go up the permissions scale and get inducted into the Desktop instead.


    The heavy users don’t really want mobility, they want more functionality. The light users on the other hand don’t want more functionally, they want convenience/simplicity.


    What I’m really trying to do is work out the boundary between the two – which appears to be in the difference between a Contributor and a Knowledge Worker since it’s at this distinction where the functionality restrictions of the Web Client start to become apparent.


    For example – not having the ability to edit documents and manage revisions in the Web Client is not going to be a big deal if I’m only searching and retrieving records anyway as I’m and Inquiry User. On the other hand, if I’m I Knowledge Worker and used to collaborating, managing revisions, and editing documents then going from the Desktop to the WebClient is going to be noticeable since I won’t be able to do the same things in both.


    So hypothetically, if I’m a user who only has access to the Web Client, what extra functions will being a Knowledge Worker give me over being a Collaborator? 

  • Verified Answer

    Knowledge worker can:


    Create records


    Update documents


    update metadata


    Change containers


    attach\complete activities 


    save searches


    Create workflows




    can't update metadata, or documents


    There are a few other minor differences, if you jump into the system options all the permissions are listed for each of the user permissions.