Error in System Options

Hi Brains Trust,

Content Manager

We are experiencing an error within System Options which is preventing us from making any changes

The message reads: (also attached)

'You cannot set referenced security and access from a client or matter records unless you upgrade your security filter model'

 I have reviewed all record types and to my knowledge Client Matter Records are not / have never been used however we do use automatice sub-containers

Has anyone come across this? or any ideas of where to correct it so we can move forward with system changes

Thank you in advance

  • After you upgraded to v9.1, did you run the Security Filter Converter (listed in the Administration Tab toolbar)?

    "After upgrading to HPE Content Manager 9.1, run this utility to upgrade to the new access control group security model. This utility can be run while users are logged in and using the upgraded version of HPE Content Manager."

    More detailed information can be found on page 45 of the CM9.1 Install PDF, but basically just run the Converter for all records and you should be ok after that.