TRIM 7 Check-in, Check-out

I have some question regarding TRIM check-in check-out :


1. When a user open or check-out a document for editing, does it locked for editing by other users ? if its locked how can other user know it was locked for editing (showing locked icon or something) ?


2. When a document checked-out for editing, can other users open it just for viewing not editing ?


Thank You.


PS : using TRIM 6.24 & 7 eval, TRIM SDK using C#

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  • I suspect Jon was talking about Office 2010 with TRIM 6.2. As a matter of course, HP will test and certify new releases of TRIM to integrate with new releases of the the MS Office suite as soon as they can after the public release.


    At this stage there hasn't been a version of TRIM released that claims compatibility with Office 2010. I'm guessing TRIM 7.1 will be the successful candidate...