TRIM 7 Check-in, Check-out

I have some question regarding TRIM check-in check-out :


1. When a user open or check-out a document for editing, does it locked for editing by other users ? if its locked how can other user know it was locked for editing (showing locked icon or something) ?


2. When a document checked-out for editing, can other users open it just for viewing not editing ?


Thank You.


PS : using TRIM 6.24 & 7 eval, TRIM SDK using C#

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  • Back to the topic of check-in/check-out, what administrative permission allows an administrator to check-in a checked-out document in lieu of the responsible user?  I have a need to create a user profile that will allow them to check-in documents as a back up to the user, but don't want to give them full admin permissions.