HPRM Event Processor

Just wondering if anyone has experienced the following issue with HPRM8.1.0.7517.


System is installed and operating, users can connect and work as normal.

HP Records Manager Workgroup Service is running.

Domain user is configured and running workgroup service.  This user has also been added to HPRM, name is TRIMServices and appropriate domain user account has been entered.

Domain user can log into system


When check Event Processing - Monitor in TES every event processor has an error saying the HP records Manager Workgroup Server is not running.  


Checked the logs and errors as follows:


Login: Domain=, machine=amadevermwkg02.DPI.NSW.GOV.AU, user=TRIMServices, RCF session=1040671182992

Error : DBID  User: WorkGroupServerName -  Connection to dataset 'Dataset Name' for 'TRIMServices' failed. The supplied login name has not been registered as a HP Records Manager user and the guest account has not been registered.



These errors occur on every dataset we have configured on the workgroup server.


Have tried restarting services, changed login name, recreated TRIMServices user in HPRM but problem still persists.


Call has been logged with HP but no progress in past 2 weeks, just wondering if anyone else has any other idea's.



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