Web Client Threading Error - RM

I had the RM Web Client open and tried to preview a large-ish file (11MB) and it stalled out. When i refreshed the page to see if i could break it loose, i got this message:


The current thread (3824) is attempting use a database object htat is currently being used by another thread (1328). you need to protect a database object from being used simultaneously by multiple threads.


Interestingly this is a similar error i have received in a .NET console application using the HP.HPTRIM.SDK.


Any thoughts on cause/resolution?

  • I have not seen this in the thick client yet.


    My server configuration is a database server, document store server, and web server. The IDOL index is on the document store server. The web service config points to the doc store server as the primary workgroup server.


    I've seen the error from a console application using the HP.HPTRIM.SDK. the console app is executed from the web server.


    Is it possible there's a security or setting issue from the web server to the doc store or database server?

  • I was thinking more of a caching issue, not entirely sure what would cause that.


    The first thing I would try though, is restart IIS and the Workgroup service. 


    Any error messages in the application event logs either on the client machine or the server running IIS?

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