Record Statistics


My Boss wants to know the number of Records Assigned to All Staff in the past 6 months!

Is it possible to get statistics from HP TRIM showing: Staff Name/login, Month, Number of Records Assigned to every Staff?


This is how we work;

a - We recieve documents/letters for action, scan/register into HP TRIM, Assign to Action Officer.

b - Action officer Views document, Goes to details, add notes/append to existing notes

c - Action Officer goes to Locations, Assignee (Send to next Action or set to home location)


Thank you


  • Not sure if it'll give you exactly what you want, but perhaps try:


    (Assuming you're a TRIM admin and your record types are configured to log changes to assignee)


    1. Tools - Security - Online Audit Log
    2. Enter a date range covering the last 6 months
    3. On the Sort/Filter tab, select only 'Assignee Changed'
    4. Click OK
    5. Count results