Download a document using WebServices API

Does anyone who how to download a record (RecordType: document) using (REST) Web Services API? I look into the provided HP Content Manager Web services but couldn't see any available service.

Thanks in advance.

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  • In theory it might be possible (in modern browsers) to have a JavaScript component to download each file and then bundle them into a zip file, although I have not tried this but this library looks interesting.

    The thing I worry about doing it server side is that we would have to:

    1. fetch all documents from the store, then
    2. create the zip, then
    3. start returning the downloaded file.

    The potential issue with the above processs is that the request could time out before we return the first byte of the zip.

    So, if the user only requests a few files and if they are already cached on the web server (or the web server has fast access to the doc store) then it might be fine.