Idea ID: 2874538

Background service for Consignment Examine

Status : Under Consideration


Run the Consignment Examine process in background for faster results and reduce time consumptions


Ability to run Consignment Examine process as background service


Current Consignement examine process is happening in the front end which takes more than a day to complete 20K container, considering it also examins document level, which would need to check 2 million documents and that may require a week time to run this examine proccess and sometimes the tool will be down and we need to restart the examine process from initial.


Retention & Disposition
  • More details from customer call:

    When running a consignment, it takes a really long time and often just one document error “breaks the whole process”. Want this resolved. 

    The customer has suggested having the “examine” rule checking phase of the consignment be running in the background, such that when the disposal happens these checks have already occurred. I explained that the checks need to comply at the point in time the disposal is run, otherwise something might have changed and the check would no longer pass. They suggested then having a way of “freezing” (like legal hold) the properties that get checked, and running the check when document falls under consignment, such that it doesn’t have to run at the time the consignment disposal is run. 

    Another suggestion I had to fix this is breaking large consignments up into batches, so that one error does not mean the whole thing has to start again or be paused, and to alleviate performance issues. 

    The customer would also like to change some of the check or “examine” criteria. Particularly, in their case since all metadata is reflected at container level, they don’t see a need for a document level check, and want to be able to disable this.