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Folder record type - Advanced containment rule - Limit sub levels

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We were looking at the best way to setup multiple sub folder levels and we were trialling using a single subfolder record type, that allows it to be contained within itself.

But from what I can see there is on complete way to limit the number of times this can be done, allowing the folders to go down endlessly, until the record numbering hits a limit. I also tried preventing with Metadata validation rules which did work, but didn't prevent users from working around it by creating in at another level and then moving the folder.

So being able to set it so if 1 sub folder was in another sub folder it wouldn't allow another sub folder further down would be great.


System Admin and Management
  • Hi PunyaShloka,

    As in your image, this means for each subfolder level we want to be able to go down we need to have a separate record type.

    But in my example, we want to use a record type "Subfolder" and have it be able to be contained within itself, either with the Containment rule "Content must have a record type in the specified list" or "Content must have a level number less than or equal to X" Is there any way to limit how many times the same subfolder can be contained within itself?

  • As seen from the screenshot, only 9 containment levels can be assigned. And so from CM's perspective, this is available. Let us know if this addresses the idea.