Product Release Announcement: Content Manager Select


The Micro Focus Content Manager product team is pleased to announce a new subscription pricing model for Content Manager.

Content Manager Select offers the ultimate content management user experience, as it includes all existing pay-for modules*, a 500,000 object allowance, and no-charge Inquiry (read-only) seats.  This means that you can now authorize as many users as you want to access permissible content from the Content Manager repository.

With these additional modules and capabilities, Content Manager Select becomes the true source of information across the enterprise.  Several real world examples include: (1) factory workers accessing Material Safety Data Sheets (at no additional charge): (2) students at large universities accessing business information (at no additional charge); (3) pharmaceutical lab workers seeking proprietary scientific information (at no additional charge).  Most importantly, “Content Manager Select” allows you to purchase Content Manager in an OPEX model – on-premises or hosted, meaning that you will no longer go through capital funding processes to approve a purchase.

Content Manager Select offers you the following benefits:

  • Unlimited inquiry (read-only) users – Included in the new core license, and at no additional charge, inquiry or read-only users will be unlimited. Inquiry users can login and perform unlimited searches for content.
  • Simplified license metrics – Content Manager Select features three user types versus the perpetual five user types, which means far greater latitude in setting permissions for a majority of your users.
  • Enriched user experience – Now included in every paid user license are five of the CM modules, including Auto-Classification, Advanced Disposition Processing, Rendering, Warehousing & OCR, which are critical in supporting your data privacy initiatives.
  • NEW MSP model - The subscription model provides a pathway and will also allow you to accelerate your MSP business that will be partner-delivered from their cloud.

Content Manager is a cornerstone of the Micro Focus Data Governance portfolio of modular solutions. It is a proven content management system that offers the flexibility, usability, and scalability needed to manage your information from creation to disposal, helping organizations meet data privacy guidelines and achieving their information governance objectives.

Contact your partner or account manager today to learn more about the features, metrics and pricing that now make up Content Manager Select.

*Includes all modules except for SAP & Policy Center.

Learn more about Content Manager Select HERE.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact:

Product Marketing: Jonathan Clark

Product Management: David Gould & Punya Mall


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