Support Tip: CM Office Add-ins unable to load due to group policy changes for Office Add-ins

Some organisations may choose to implement additional security restrictions to prevent malicious code executing in MS Office applications. This can include disabling macros and/or restricting the use of unapproved add-ins. How does this affect the ability of CM Office Add-ins to run?

MS Office macro settings should not affect the CM add-ins because they are COM/VSTO add-ins, not macros. Micro Focus' expectation is the organisation could disable all macros if they wish, and it should not prevent the CM Office add-ins from working.

What's more likely is an organisation may choose to implement hardening recommendations for MS Office such as those from ACSC (, i.e. enabling group policy settings for MS Office such as "Disable Trust Bar Notification for unsigned application add-ins and block them" and "Require that application add-ins are signed by Trusted Publishers".

The CM Office add-ins are digitally signed, so if an organisation wishes to do this, they would need to add the Micro Focus signing certificate (the one used to sign all the CM Office add-in DLL's) to the Trusted Publishers store to allow the CM Office Add-in to load.

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Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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