Support Tip: Changing the dataset ID of an existing Content Manager dataset

Content Manager (Records Manager/TRIM)
Occasionally a customer may wish to change the dataset ID of an existing CM dataset. Typically this is when copying the Production dataset to a training or testing environment. See support portal here.
This is not recommended for Production datasets. The dataset ID is used in many places including (but not limited to) printed barcodes, CM reference files, user configuration settings, and record ID's in the content index.

  1. Stop all CM Workgroup Services
  2. In CM Enterprise Studio, for the dataset whose ID is to be changed, take note of all configuration settings from all tabs - these will be required when the dataset is re-registered. Don't forget to also take note of all Event Processing, Rendering and Content Index settings
  3. Right-click the dataset and select Remove
  4. Right click Datasets and select Register Dataset
  5. Configure all dataset settings as per original settings, with the only exception being the new dataset ID. This will update the dataset ID in the relevant database table to the new ID. Note: Any existing content index built using the previous dataset ID will not work with the new dataset ID - try configuring the content index using the option "Find records from other datasets"
  6. Save changes. Don't Deploy yet (workgroup services are stopped, so Deploy won't work)
  7. Go to the directory where the document store resides - the top level folder will be named with the original dataset ID. Rename it to the new dataset ID.
  8. Start the workgroup service(s) and Deploy the changes from Enterprise Studio
  9. Test correct operation of Content Manager.

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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