Support Tip: Content Manager - Administration Tool (TRIMAdmin.exe) purpose

Content Manager - Administration Tool (TRIMAdmin.exe) purpose
Summary: Reason for the introduction of the Content Manager Administration Tool (TRIMAdmin.exe) from version 10.0 onwards
What is the reason to remove some, but not all, Administrator functions from the CM client after enabling the TRIM Admin feature? (e.g. Some System Options and Audit features are still accessible from the normal CM client).


As stated in the CM 10.0 Release Notes, the intention of separating certain admin functions into a separate interface is for customers using cloud/managed service arrangements where they're not in control of their own server/storage infrastructure.

This way the people managing the customer's server infrastructure are the ones using the TRIMAdmin.exe tool within the Server environment.

Administrator functions for which the organization's records/information managers are typically responsible remain in the CM interface - this includes the choice of what types/levels of auditing are captured.
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Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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