Support Tip: Office Application hangs with CM Add-in loaded but no network for CM connection


Content Manager 9.4 (all patches up to Patch 4)


When the CM add-in for MS Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Outlook etc.) is enabled and loaded, but there is no network available for the CM Add-in to connect to the CM Workgroup server (WGS), this can cause the MS Office application to hang, and response will be very slow when user is switching between the different MS Word/Excel sessions when user has more than one MS Word/Excel document open for editing.


This is because the CM add-in is constantly attempting to check the availability of the WGS, and because the network connection doesn't exist, the add-in waits for the connection to timeout before it releases control back to the MS Office application session. This will happen again when the user moves focus away from the session and back again, or when the user tries to access the CM add-in menu.

Find resolution on support portal here

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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