Support Tip: Issues with new record entry form used for Office integration in CM 10.0


The new record entry form for Office integration in CM 10.0 has many limitations, including loss of any data entered into the 'Notes' page. From CM 10.0 Patch 2 Hotfix 2 onwards, this new form can be bypassed in favour of the original (legacy) form used prior to CM 10.0

Content Manager 10.0
Microsoft Office (all supported versions)


In CM 10.0 the record entry form for cataloguing records from a Microsoft Office application is different to that used in previous releases. The new form uses Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It has since been discovered the new WPF-based entry form has many limitations compared to the previous entry form. Reported known limitations to date:

  • Some fields' history lists are blank and/or Quick Search button is missing
  • Dialog windows do not have the option to maximise / restore
  • Some 'special purpose pages' (e.g. Record Actions, Contacts) do not display even if configured in record type's entry form layout
  • Entered notes are not saved if the Notes page is included on the form
  • Containers not displaying under classifications when searching for a container.

Find resolution on support portal here

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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