Support Tip: CM Add-in fails to load upon startup of an MS Office application


Sometimes an MS Office application will decide it is taking too long for the CM Office Add-in to load at startup. To avoid performance issues the Office application will disable the add-in.


When a user encounters an issue where the CM Add-in fails to load upon the startup of an MS Office Application, the Windows application event log may show an error event complaining about the CM add-in taking too long to load and hence has been disabled. In this case, the user can manually change a registry entry as below for the affected MS Office application to re-enable the add-in for next time the application starts.


MS Office applications monitor the load time of any add-ins on startup. If an add-in fails to load within the predetermined threshold, the add-in will be disabled. When this happens, the MS Office application changes the 'LoadBehavior' registry value for the add-in to '2', to prevent it trying to load next time on startup.

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Caroline Oest

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