Support Tip: Unable to add record number in Email Subject field for saved emails


How to add a column in Microsoft Outlook to view the associated record number when emails are cataloged via the Content Manager Integration

Content Manager (Records Manager/TRIM)


Content Manager(CM) 9.4 , Content Manager (CM) 10.0


Users may want record number information to be added to email Subject field in Outlook for emails that have been checked in to Content Manager, so they can see clearly the record number for each of the checked in emails in Outlook email list. Unfortunately, CM Addin for Outlook doesn't allow this.


CM addin for Outlook cannot insert record number into email subject field for email that has been checked in to CM. CM does allow a custom text information to be inserted into email subject for emails that have been checked in to CM via the Office integration via using the CM System Option of "Prefix to insert into the subject of email messages cataloged into Content Manager " , however, it only allows a fixed term to be inserted as prefix to the email subject , and we cannot  set it up to insert Record Number information.

Find resolution on support portal here

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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