Knowledge Document: Word Indexing processor blocked by error due to "RCF: Remote call timeout exceeded"



Content Manager 9.4
Content Manager 10


Word Indexing Event processor is blocked by error due to error: "RCF: Remote call timeout exceeded. No response from Peer".


This can happen in the unlikely event where Content Manager Enterprise Studio or the "TRIMEvent.exe" process loses connection to the TRIMWorkgroup.exe process. 


1. Open Windows Task Manager to check if TRIMEvent.exe and TRIMWorkgroup.exe are running on the machine.

2. Check if the Content Manager Workgroup Service is running on the machine.

3. If the processes are not running and hence the Content Manager Workgroup service is not running, start the Content Manager workgroup service. If the Content Manager Workgroup service is running, try restarting it.

4. Once the Workgroup service has been restarted, and from Windows Task Manager TRIMEvent.exe and TRIMWorkgroup.exe are running, go to Enterprise Studio > Event Processor Monitor and the Word Indexing processor should be running and processing events. 

Access support article here

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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