Support Tip: Document Content search using Elasticsearch doesn't return all results



Content Manager 9.4
Content Manager 10.0


When a user performs a search using the 'Document Content' method in CM, and the Content Indexing engine being used is Elasticsearch, the search may not return all results.


When Elasticsearch is installed it has a default value for the parameter "index.max_result_window". By default this is set to 10,000. When a search conducted by a user in CM would result in more than 10,000 hits, Elasticsearch will only return 10,000 hits, and hence the user will be told their search found 10,000 results.


Elasticsearch can be reconfigured by the Elasticsearch administrator. If logging is correctly configured in Elasticsearch to log search activities (it isn't by default), the search log will indicate how many hits were found when a CM user performed the search. If this indicates more than 10,000 hits were found, the Elasticsearch administrator can update the "index.max_result_window" value to be higher, to accommodate broader searches (with the trade-off typically being higher resource utilisation on the Elasticsearch server(s) and slower search performance).

The index setting (index.max_result_window) is documented in the Elasticsearch knowledgebase:

An example of how this setting can be increased (e.g. to match CM's default limit of 100,000) from within Kabana's Dev Tools console is:

PUT /MyIndexName/_settings?preserve_existing=false
{"index.max_result_window" : "100000"}

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