Support Tip: Upgrading Media Server for Content Manager



Content Manager 9.x
Content Manager 10.x


Upgrading the version of CM IDOL Media Server (OEM)


1. Download the latest Media Server version (from a zip file provided by Support via an FTP link)

2. Stop the "Content Manager Media Server" Windows service

3. Backup the existing "TRIM Media Server" folder, by default located at:

"C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Content Manager\IDOL\TRIM Media Server"
(Alternatively move this folder elsewhere or rename it, so long as a new folder called "TRIM Media Server" can be created at this location.)

4. Extract the new folder, for example MediaServer_12.11.1_WINDOWS_X86_64, inside the zip to C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Content Manager\IDOL and rename it "TRIM Media Server" (as the previous folder should be backed up, moved or renamed in Step 3)

5. From the previous backed up folder, copy over some existing files/folders or rename them into the new TRIM Media Server folder (in this example, for 12.11.1):

a. Copy the file "TRIM Media Server.cfg" from the backed up source to the new "TRIM Media Server" folder
b. Copy the backed up "TRIM Media Server.cfg.template" file into the new "TRIM Media Server" folder
c. Rename "mediaserver.exe" to "TRIM Media Server.exe"
d. Copy the backed up "licensekey.dat" file to the new "TRIM Media Server" folder
e. Copy the "TRIM Media Server OCR.cfg" file from the backed up location to the new "TRIM Media Server" folder
f. Copy the "TRIM Media Server OCR.cfg.template" file from the backed up location to the new "TRIM Media Server" folder

6. Start the Content Manager Media Server service from the Windows services console. 

a. If it starts, then Media Server has been successfully upgraded
b. If it fails, review these steps and try again. If it continues to fail at service startup, open a Support Case with CM Support.


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