Support Tip: Office integration - Unable to search for Record Number with Tilde (~) character



CM 10.0
Office integration


Using Office integration, the record number search (i.e. open an email from Outlook client, go to CM ribbon, select the Attach Record button, and search for the record using record number) where the number contains the tilde ( ~ ) character fails with message:

This parameter type is unsuitable for this search method


Switch the Office integration interface back to using the native CM SDK user interface (UI) instead of the new WPF-based interface which is used by default from CM 10 onwards. This will resolve the issue.
(This needs to be done for each user who wishes to revert to the native UI)

To switch a user to the native UI:
1. Open the Windows registry editor
2. Create a DWORD entry called "UseNativeUI' (without the quotes) under the path:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Micro Focus\Content Manager\OfficeAddins
3. Set the value of this entry to 1 to enable the Native UI for Office integration

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