Support Tip: How to apply a new license file for Content Manager 9.4.X



Content Manager 9.4.X 


Moving to Content Manager 10, we have "remove autopass" button added to License settings. Using Content Manager 9.4.X we don't have this luxury and users will have to follow a certain process to apply new license(s)


1. Go to C:\Micro Focus Content Manager\ServerData\TRIM > take a copy of autopass folder/paste it somewhere else (back it up)

Then delete autopass folder from TRIM

2. Go to TRIM Enterprise Studio > License > click "Evaluation Copy" > Close > Save > Deploy

3. Go to TRIM Enterprise Studio > License > Import your new .dat files in this order:

Base license > Setup > Fill in your Site name > OK > Go back and do a Save > Deploy

Then do the same for the Additional Licenses

Access support article  here

Caroline Oest

Micro Focus Customer Experience Marketing

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