Knowledge Document: Unable to Adjust Security and Access Window when enabling the Classified Security feature



Content Manager 9.4.x to 10.x


When enabling the Classified Security feature from System options - Features. The Security Access windows (Right Mouse Click on a record - Security and Audit - Security/Access) will not be able to adjust the size of the window. The minimize and maximize button disappear.

Below is from the Help file:

To apply the US DoD 5015.2 Chapter 4 classified security standard to records in Content Manager, the system option in Administration - System Options - Features page, Classified Security must be selected

After selecting the option, when you right-click a record and on the Security and Audit menu, click Security/Access, the Security dialog box appears with a number of additional tabs that enable you to refine the record's classified security details and apply Security Guide Entries.

Access document here

Caroline Oest

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