Support Tip: Introduction of "Basic Electronic Container" and "Basic Electronic Document" Record Type behaviours


From CM 10.0, two new Record Type behaviours are available when creating Record Types. They are:

  • Basic Electronic Container
  • Basic Electronic Document

They are for records that will not have the usual document management process of other Record Types and will have reduced options available.

Below is the excerpt from the CM 10.0 Release Notes:

These behaviors have been designed to suit an archival use case where large quantities of inactive documents are imported into Content Manager primarily for the purpose of scheduling and disposal according to Records Management compliance rules.

These inactive records have a much smaller metadata overhead as they are no part of any active document management process. A number of functions have also been removed from these records, such as, but not limited to, the setting of Home and Assignee Locations, applying Workflows or Action Tracking, adding relationships and updating with new revisions.

They are also immediately marked as finalized as soon as they are created. This reduction of metadata overhead can decrease the overall processing time when performing destruction within a consignment designed specifically for “Basic record” disposal.


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