Outlook Add-in - Searching for a container record is not responding


After upgraded to CM 9.4, all non-admin users experienced a significant delay or timeout when using the Kwikselect button on the Container field to find a container record. It affected the Container field searching in any forms under any circumstances.


The following may resolve the issue for users in this situation:

  1. Run a record search from CM client
  2. Right click on the search result window and select > Refine search > Options tab
  3. Select the option “Use a temporary table for security filtering”, and the option “Save as default options”
  4. Click OK.

From CM Online help:

"Use a temporary table for security filtering - this optimization creates a temporary table to store the search results, then applies the filter to this temporary table (such as a search done by a non-administrator) before returning the results back to the search engine. You can try this option to see if it improves the response time when using security filtering."


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