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Vibe Install

Hi all

I have the following problem with a new clean Vibe installation:

I think it's a Java problem again!
They are SLES15/3 servers and Java was not installed before Vibe!
Is the issue known?
Does anyone know where I can find the old TID? br george
  • Hmm, I am not sure.  I assume you checked this but is your mysql up and running? Because you mentioned that is is a clean installation - did you run the scripts to prepare the database?

    When you start your vibe service, watch your catalina.out (/opt/novell/teaming/apache-tomcat/logs). During start you will see a lot of statements. Most of them show INFO - but I am interested in SEVERE.

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  • Suggested Answer

    It's the problem with Java_Home again!
    Install java-11-openjdk-devel before vibe, then it works
    (Cluster configuration one file, one mariadb, two index and 3 vibe servers)