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Updating to Vibe - success or fail?

I want to get some feedback if your updates were successful.

I have tried to update a test environment which failed. Well, not my update activity failed but my Vibe was not accessible. However this test environment has been used for many other software tests too. Maybe too often - I thought. 

Therefore I took an older snapshot and started Vibe on this machine. Successful access. Now I repeated update again. Update successful but accessing Vibe failed. catalina.log showed this statement twice " Caused by: Address already in use". But neither ip address nor port are really in use.

So tell me your experiences! Thinking

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  • Yes, Diethmar, the update was successful, i must only reinstall the certifcate for ldap with keytool.

    I think that i don't keyin the certificate file name by installation!

  • Good to hear, Claude.

    So there is still some hope that my grumpily test environment annoys me ...

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  • Coming back with some details. My test environment is definitely guilty! Vibe is okay.

    I did some simple tests. I started my server, started mysql and vibe. Vibe was accessible ... In my recent steps I updated to and failed. This time I updated from to and failed too. So I knew that there must be another issue! Just now I do not know which of my packages causes this problem (it was one of some "novell" packages which does not sit on one ip address but occupies all addresses), but if I still the offending process, Vibe is accessible Innocent

    Use "Verified Answers" if your problem/issue has been solved!