Feature / Design Updates to vibe

Does anyone know about the roadmap of vibe?

Many month ago I was told that the development team of vibe changed and because of additional changes in product management, there might be some upcoming news or information in the future.

I asked the question in one of the groupwise webinars and was told, that there has been an update in the last month.

There have been rumors that the UI of vibe would probably change  to the look and feel of filr.

But I can't find any new information about vibe.

I really like vibe and all of its features but it seems that either nobody from MF/OT is responsible for the product or the responsible person is willing to abandon vibe...?

I used the vibe product since its open source days, when vibe was called kablink.

Seeing what's happening (or better say not happening) with the pretty cool product, I feel really sad.

Question to you guys:

Are your users / customers satisfied with the old school UI of vibe?

What are you planing? Are you searching for a replacement or did you already find a replacement?