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Vibe download location

Hello there i am just trying to understand this application. I cannot find a download link. I have an old version of kablink which is i believe version 3.1. It sorely needs updating and i am trying to do that. I have the database dump and realize that i can step up with sql scripts to the current version (should be able to from what i read). However i cant find a download link. I tried various approaches on the site and i can only find this "vibe desktop". I was able to download vibe server version 4.0.1 from a mirror, but it is stuck in the past, and unfortunately has the bug or symptom described here:

I dont want to be running old software anyways, so i thought i would ask about a download location for the latest release. Sometimes if its hard to find, its hard to tell if its just bad website design or some other reason so i will just come out and ask for a direct link. 

any help appreciated.

  • So please go to

    I assume that your Vibe license will not be a "Vibe Partner Evaluation" edition Wink

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  • Hi there, it then asks me to "request access".

    It was my understanding that kablink was free software. Is there some kind of license involved? does my old 3.1 license entitle to software upgrades and i just have to somehow find it in the suse filesystem and put it in here?

    The company used to use novel zenworks and so many of their tools date from that era. I am just trying to understand what is involved here. I do not have the screen as it is shown above.

  • Kablink is open source and free software. But development stopped.

    Vibe is still in development but you need a license. However a Vibe license is included in several products like NOWS ...

    A vibe license has to be offered during install process (named license-key.xml).

    In good, old days you were able to download software from novell, downloads. Nowadays you have to use Maybe you have to activate Vibe if this product in your list. Sometimes you have to rehost a product if problems occur.

    Use "Verified Answers" if your problem/issue has been solved!