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Be able to use LibreOffice Online Edition to edit documents directly in Vibe

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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Users do not have to install any Office sofware, they can use the integrated LibreOffice online.

Other Online Apps like Gimp would also be interesting, see the list here


  • Just a quick heads up... LOOL/COOL are not slowing down; small overview of planned enhancements in upcoming versions: * Mobile UX improvements * Ability to start Sharing in the COOL UI * Insert images from... [in our case directly from Filr NetFolders] * Based on LibreOffice/Collabora Office 6 which has much improved document filters * UX/UI speed and visual improvements Have a look at a recent presentation of COOL 3.4 and upcoming 4.0 (presented on the Nextcloud Conference). Shows some nice examples of MS Offlice Online VS LOOL/COOL too.
  • Very good idea, alternative to office365.
  • Maybe this helps; "Introducing the LibreOffice Online App for ownCloud" There's now a LibreOffice application for the ownCloud open-source self-hosting cloud server, which lets users edit all sorts of LibreOffice documents online. Demo video This is how it could work with Vibe too.
  • Beside my posted idea to integrate LibreOffice Online (LOOL) into Filr at there is also another request for such a solution at Mine kees track of a lot of links with additional LOOL information and progress of the project including the recently announced Collabora CloudSuite. I got very positive feedback from customers when I show them what a LOOL and Vibe/Filr integrated solution could look like. Most of them already had the experience of wracked documents due to editing them with alternative document editors on devices. Those editors are just not compatible enough (like OnlyOffice Online) and/or lack the ability to edit older versions of a document format and need to first convert before you can view/edit which makes the workflow for end-users really hard. Roll-App misses WebDAV from my experience to I cannot use that to open from Vibe or Filr. Also RollApp may not work so good on a phone or tablet. Then most editors do just a single document format, LOOL does over 100 so we can still open our documents from years ago. IMHO the quick route would to 1) Partner with them to get the needed hooks in Filr (and Vibe, other,..). We (customers) take a subscription on the Cloudsuite to have a supported appliance on site and able to open and (co-)edit our documents from Filr in a web page. 2) Partner with them to provide a supported and 'MF branded appliance' which 'we' can buy directly from MF. 3) The probably not so fast route: if MF wants 'full control' the should build their own LOOL appliance. To get an overview of the LOOL solution and get early access take a look at
  • Recent LibreOffice Online demo; nice progress visible - LO Conference Aarhus September 2015.