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Bi-Directional Calendar Function between Vibe and GroupWise

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Waiting for Votes

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As a Vibe & GroupWise customer I want the Calendar function support between Vibe and GroupWise to be Bi-Directional so that i Have only to maintain one Calendar and it syncs between the two systems
  • Need it for Outlook as well.

    In Denmark MicroSoft is taking over the business world. Almost all of our customers have turned to O365 either on prem or in the cloud.

    We've created a code to display calendar events from Vibe on landingpages (we use that for infoscreens and starpages) and if we could sync with Outlook we could do a nice solution for meetingrooms availabilities. 

  • We also use the old DataSync. It´s only in one direction (Vibe to GW), but it´s better than nothing. It must be possible to sync Vibe an GW calendars an contacts. And how nows how long Datasync will work with the new Versions of GW and Vibe
  • Every customer with GroupWise and Vibe ( which is every GroupWise customer ) need this.


  • Frustrating that the current Vibe 4.0.2 Document (Latest as of this comment) makes reference to the Vibe Connector for Datasync, makes you believe you can actually sync vibe calendars to Groupwise, but then it takes you on a wild goose chase with bad information, circular document references, and obsolete software versions that you can't even download. Then you finally talk to support and they give you the runaround about it and basically say sorry, it's not supported even though it's clearly right there in the documentation. Basically the Vibe Docs state that you can sync Vibe calendars to GroupWise calendars using the Vibe connector to Datasync. But it's not actually even possible unless you want to install a completely outdated and not supported server that cannot even be patched. This is a terrible idea and I can't believe Novell killed this product. Why not bring this feature back, it's a great idea, and customers want it, especially after you say in your documentation that it can be done. You used to have it, why did you kill it? Please bring it back.