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Bring Vibe back to Open Source!

Status: New Idea

I am not sure if there are enough resources to push Vibe within Microfocus.

Over the last years Vibe gets new versions to fix bugs in most case. But I miss enhancements, new features, maybe a similar layout development to Filr or TeamWorks - I miss movements and progress.

Perhaps the spirit of open source can change it. Call it Kablink again or continue with Vibe. Add the good old resource library to the open source corner - the community will repair parts which are important.

Vibe needs more life - Vive la Vibe!

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    I still hope but I know that Vibe is not on MF's preferred product list. Maybe one of the last items because money is the guideline to invest.

    So the only chance to get progress is open source. But Teamworks and Filr contain a lot of Vibe's concept and functionality - not easy to put to open source ...

    Unfortunately product management is too quiet around Vibe and many other collaboration products too.

    If I take your name, than I assume you are very familiar with Novell. Therefore you know that marketing is not a strong part in this corner. 

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  •  Have you seen the „big“ number of ideas marked as „excepted“?

    A count of 0 ideas marked as excepted seem to be a hint, that nobody is working on the product any more.

    Or, it might be a hint, that there are a bunch of guys programming in the background, working hard and don‘t have time to tell someone, what they are working on..

    Did you get or see any official statement of any MF guy about the future of vibe? 
    No comment is also a comment...

    So I would like to see vibe back in the open source community, to give it a chance to survive.

    Right now vibe is like a lost place and nobody of its owners cares...

  • Hope you're right, it's been loooong time...

  • I think/hope that there is some magician in the background.

    I have heard that Vibe has been moved to a new development team which will awake our sleeping beauty. Of course after a long sleep Vibe needs some makeup ...

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  • Come on Cindarella!

    You got some help through magic. Let's spread some magic crumbles over Vibe!

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