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Drag and Drop Emails

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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As a Vibe/GroupWise user I want to be able to drag and drop emails into Vibe so that I don't have to copy/paste and I get all of the header information.


  • This is important for us to be able to use Vibe for our projects. We would like to collect files, mails etc in one place. We also would need access to the files exposed in Filr which we share with project members. Today we cannot leverage Vibe to do such which limits us in using Vibe in an optimal way. As we have Retain too, we would like to see Retain to be able to archive the Vibe project spaces. Most of our projects run for years and have team members from multiple companies.
  • In general: a long time ago I requested as an enhancement that we can store emailitems in Vibe. So the metatags cc, bcc, to, date, time etc from the email are stored in seperate fields. I think the drag and drop can only work correctly when Vibe understands emails as items different than a comment or text block.
  • Yes but doing this Only I can open the email once it is in Vibe
  • The GW integration uses SOAP methods to create an entry Vibe using the subject as title, the body as description and attachments as attachments. Dragging and dropping an eml into the browser window just uploads a file via HTML5 onto Vibe. This works fine, you're right. So here's the trick: just drag and drop the email onto a folder in the browser window and it will upload the eml (without the intermediate step of saving it on the desktop) :-) HTH
  • Now that we have introduced Novell Vibe and GroupWise to our end-users they are noticing many broken features which Dragging and Dropping email from Novell GroupWise to Novell Vibe Folder is one of them. The Clients will received many email with Sales Contracts and other documents in an email format and they would like to store the email into a Vibe Folder(s). When they drag and drop the email or forward it into any Vibe Folder all of the meta-data, TO, BC, CC and email recipients are lost, none of the IMPORTANT information will get copy or move over. Novell is telling us it’s an enhancement that the feature does not exist however if the user drag the email to their Desktop and then move it to Novel Vibe then the information are carry forward. The email on the Desktop is an eml formation. The end user are saying it is NOT an enhancement it is a broken feature as the feature already exist they can drag the email from GroupWise Client to their Desktop then to the Vibe Folder and all the email information will get carry forward and Store into Novell Vibe (Vibe Folder) I agreed with the end user, it not an enhancement it is a broken feature. An enhancement is when something does not exist but it this case GroupWise already have the feature to save email to an eml. I vote that Micro Focus review this again and fix the broken feature by allow drag and drop email to be saved as an eml format in a Vibe Folder. Novell Vibe is being seen as a document management tool for Clients and this feature (Dragging and Dropping email from Novell GroupWise to Novell Vibe Folder) is really important for the end users. We like to keep the environment green by going paperless which mean storing and filing all documents in an electronic format and Novell Vibe is the tool the user now depend on. Hardat Singh