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Filr integration

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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Some integration with Filr to make adding shared files/folder to workspaces easy and intuitive. That way as changes are made, they will show up within Vibe as well.


  • I agree with Sebastiaan V. I believe filr and vibe should be one product with possibly 2 licenses. Users would have a "file only" license that provides filr capability or a more expensive "Collaboration" license that provides filr and vibe functionality.
  • After some carefull consideration I came to the following; The way file and collaboration within Micro Focus is organized makes it (near) impossible to achieve the goal of this Idea, which I believe is essential to achieve many sidegoals possible having such in place. After again a year of talking and watching the ecosystem evolve I can only think of a single solution to solve the issue that evolved after Filr was forked off Vibe as a point solution. From a maketing perspective this back then was a good idea. Today this stand in the way to futher grow Filr so I created a new Idea for this purpose; We want one single MicroFocus team collaboration solution which integrates well with (at least) any other MicroFocus product. This would make integration with 3th party solutions easier also, where applicable. Mentioned products originate all from the same source (Vibe) and instead of competing development-, support- and sales (MF and partners) time we better work together communicating one platform to (potential) customers. Sure any of these products have a certain fit, but at the same time a huge overlap is keeping data silo’s for customers in place, where the idea once was to break these borders. At the same time any of these products has valuable features the other is missing. We feel the market is moving from single purpose products to more integrated, open, cross border, secure, not locking into, team driven solutions. We feel too much time is spend fighting for enhancements in any of these products that would benefit the other products as well. This is mainly [opinion] caused by how these products are traditionally split in product groups (groupware, file). This no longer serves customers in an optimal way and leads to losing customers (opportunity) instead of gaining those as in many cases neither product tends to be a (perfect) fit or is not able to blend into the next step a customer is taking. Cross posted in GroupWise, Vibe and Filr Idea portal
  • I believe this is in the Roadmap? (PS. Filr and Vibe share some code).
  • this is critical. Given the initial comments on how similar Vibe and Filr are, it was really disappointing to see so little integration given the extra time that was taken