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Merge Vibe and Filr Desktop Client, allow multiple accounts.

Status: Waiting for Votes

Waiting for Votes

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Those using both Vibe and Filr on their desktop/laptop need to install who clients to get to their files. Filr and Vibe share code base server side, guess this is also true for the Desktop Client (if not there's even more reason for a merge). Now the upcoming Filr 2.0 will have the Files On Demand functionality ( so that would benefit Vibe also since the implementation of the function is client side. Then also just one client needs to be maintained going forward. File access experience would me much clearer for users.

For this to functional also adding multiple accounts to the client would be needed. This would allow us to add multiple Filr/Vibe accounts to the client as we may have multiple systems we have access to. That could be both internal or customer/external system that have shared files with us.

I would suggest we create a named Favorite and Library, default reflecting the system name. That could be 'Filr' or 'Vibe' but is ajustable by the user when it is added to the client.