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Remove the Java Runtime Requirement From All Vibe Operations/Functions

Status: Delivered
The ability to edit documents in place (such as using the "Edit This File" link), still requires the Java Runtime in Vibe 4.0. This means that it no longer works in the latest release of Google Chrome. Please ditch the use of the Java Runtime ASAP so all browsers will have full functionality in Vibe.

  • In Vibe 4.0.4 we changed the JAVA runtime requirement and made continued improvements in 4.0.5 and in the upcoming 4.0.6 release for March 2019. There are limitations in that we work with MS Office ad LibreOffice file types.
  • Hi Christian, others, I do fully agree with your post regarding PII and @silas probably exposing thread info from a support call is breaking support agreements. Thinks that just in @silas case that shows the frustration there is with customers and partners. Regarding My post which was a general response to that post which hardly contains PII and I have a copy too: “Vibe development is near dead in the past 4 years, MF hasn’t made ANY announcement on their future commitement to the product either. Past year the Filr development was split off the Vibe team so their future is save, but the GroupWise team has put their arrows on the Vibe branch called Teamworks so I wouldn’t hold my breath on any new Vibe version. Really sad to see all is SO BADLY orchestraded for a company that should not by now they have to fight to keep any existing customers on board.” Good to hear on the OH Summit (classified) information was presented regarding Vibe plans. Hope this will not be too late for my customers. I’ve been too many OH, Brainshares etc in the past but can no longer justify going there even as a MF partner. My question to PM stands to openly and officially communicate where this product is heading. I’ve asked many times in the past years by mail, cool solutions and here and believe that is there is such a commitment then MF should scream such from the roofs so my customers can hear that loud and clearly.
  • Exectly Christian. Cannot but agree with you.
  • Hi Silas and Sebastiaan, and everyone, Its sad to read about your decision, but I can follow your path of reasoning, even though it would not be mine. We have seen a movement in the right direction in Berlin at the OH Summit, where progress for Vibe was pushed and a commitment by Product Management and Engineering was visible and definitely there to stay. Vibe 4.0.5 beta is in progress, the code changes are big, and work is being done. As Mike stated himself, they "have not been very good at communication of that work". Your original post (I copied it out before it was deleted) had some big problems. It is absolutely understandable that you wanted to start a discussion. But the support person was trustful in you when giving you personal information about two people in Micro Focus, seemingly as an explanation for something. I am thinking they possibly did so under the well-meaning assumption of "us all being part of the Novell family", and you took that information and posted it here, in public. I seems evident that you did not ask the supporter if that information was privileged. And then there's data protection on top of that. You posted personally identifiable information including some personal, privileged facts onto a public forum. Have you asked if the two guys are ok with that information being made public? Consequently, in my personal opinion, the deletion of your post was correct, because the information did not belong here and was a GDPR breach. But the deleted post should have been replaced with a statement stating _that_ a post was deleted and _why_ it was deleted. The way Mike acted can be interpreted as "silencing dissent" or as "silencing criticism", in short: censorship. Which leads to a corresponding reaction. I for myself don't know if he acted out of the concerns I voiced above, or if he was, in fact, censoring (or "aggressively moderating") this idea thread. So I sent him an email. Something you could also have done before making things public. On the topic of "And if this isn't a forum in which we can discuss the future of a product for which we are paying, then what is it?", I can say that this ideas platform may be a place for "Vibe futures", but it is a purpose built platform for discussing single ideas and enhancement requests, not for tacking a controversial statement ("...this may be the last update we see") at the end of a thread about a planned technological change, knowing it will reach up to 14 commenters and 89 voters by email. An ordered, well-meaning public discussion is a good thing, and that is what the Vibe forums are there for - you can find the Vibe forum at . I am hoping the whole situation turns out in a way that gives us all more clarity, more perspective and more trust into Vibe as a product for the future. I believe in it, and I still trust in Vibe, and if I am mistaken, I will know soon enough. I hope you all have a nice summer day, a successsful week, and a great summer, despite this situation and however it may turn out :) Thanks for reading! Christian
  • I agree with Sebastian. And if this isn't a forum in which we can discuss the future of a product for which we are paying, then what is it? Deleting the comments of concerned and paying customers seems like a nerve has been struck. Already communication has been sparse when it comes to Vibe, now we are dealing with front-line support which doesn't have the answers we need, and we can no longer discuss these concerns with other Vibe users. You might as well remove your official response since you have already removed the posts that triggered the need. It will just confuse future viewers. By the way, after seeing this official response we have decided to find another solution. It's really a shame because we felt that with a few changes, Vibe had a lot of potential.