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e-mail communication on every entry with any user

Frank Helbo Frank Helbo
Status : New Idea

You should be able to communicate with any external user to vibe on any entry. If you type @ sign you can select from external/internal users or even create a new external user just by typing a new e-mail address Vibe does not know now. We can use a new type simular to comment, but call it communication that is put in the same structure as comments but with a different design/color.

When the external user responds to this message Vibe will know where to add the return message in vibe, with the smtp reply-to and an entry tag number hidden in the e-mail.

We need a Notification system in Vibe as we know it from Facebook and other services in the toolbar, soo when someone answers to our message we will see it in this notification list. We should also be able to trigger this notification list from our workflow engine.

Add nice feature would be to filter communication accordingly to what workflow state the entry was in when this communication was made, as we know it from the calendar filter function we have today with numbers in each.

A link should be attached to the communication e-mail, so that any receiver can see the communication string they are involved in, but only see the communication they have received in there e-mail.

Perhaps something can be used from the Google Wave project you were involved with at some time?

Any other suggestions to this feature, please comment below.

BR Frank Helbo, Zispa

  • Another idea regarding this is to add the possibility of to see both to: and cc: in the creation of a reply. Replying this from inside Vibe should be possible to send to both to: and cc:.

    We figured out how so please contact us for information about this. 

    We use it in a ticket system we created for a customer, were they handle their servicedesk though the Vibe were they respond customers with guide and messages.

    We've also created a way to send out standard resonces and signatures on the outgoing mails. This we handle in jar.