Idea ID: 2853454

Vibe desktop console: recent activity actions

Status: New Idea

In the VIBE client, you have a "recent activity" tab and you get notifications when a new file is downloaded.


Proposed features:

  • enable actions in the recent activity tab:
    • double clicking on an item: open the file
    • right clicking on an item: show context menu with eg Open, Open Folder, etc
  • enable actions when clicking on the notification: eg open the file or open the folder of the file
  • when right clicking the Vibe Desktop icon in the Windows notification  area, you do get a context menu. Adding eg actions on the x last synchronized files would be a nice feature as well. This would allow a user to eg directly open a file that was recently updated.  

Right now, when I get a new file in, I need to browse to it via file explorer. This is just plain annoying and a waste of time.