Essay Contest Winner: Good Vibrations


 We recently held an essay contest inviting Micro Focus employees and customers to describe why they love using Micro Focus products. We wanted to know how our users were using Micro Focus products to make their lives—and the lives of their users—easier. Entries were sorted into solution groups and judged by the appropriate Solution Marketer.

This entry was selected as the third-place winner in the Collaboration solution group. The author, Richard Johnson, received the third-place prize of a $100 Amazon Gift card as well as a free, Micro Focus community t-shirt.

Take a look at the winning entry below.

By: Richard Johnson

Why do we love Vibe? makes life easier for us.

We are a car dealership with multiple locations. We are constantly moving cars around our various locations: Sales, Service, Storage.

We used to have problems managing where the cars were. That was when we were using spreadsheets. The trouble was sometimes team members forgot to modify the spreadsheet, or the spreadsheet was locked while someone else was using it.

Now with Vibe, we created a custom work process. The process has been simplified with simple yes/no responses. Is the car here? The user clicks “Yes” and the vehicle’s location has been indicated.

We now know when the transfer was made and who made the transition. Now there’s accountability if there is a problem. Users must use the Vibe work process to move the process along, so there’s not forgetting to enter info in a separate spreadsheet.

In the case of service work required, we now can easily track when the work was approved, who approved it and how long it’s been in the shop being worked on. We’ve created custom notifications to notify key team members when cars have reached due dates so they can expedite the process to get the cars out on time.

We’ve been using this work process since 2013 and are always tweaking it to make it better as new functionality gets added.

In fact, we are expanding our Vibe work process this year! We have plans to run most of our internal processes through Vibe. The results from using it for one project have been that successful!


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